California College

                   * Online classes you can attend from your

                      home or anywhere with a computer.

                     * On campus classrooms in the Bay Area

                       * Affordable tuition, weekend and evening

                         classes along with a solid teaching staff.


Our Mission:

The primary mission of California College of Early Childhood Education is to instruct students to such competency levels that they are qualified for initial employment and/or career advancement in the Early Childhood Education field.


Face to Face Classes Now Enrolling ...

                                                     Face to Face Classes  are scheduled on Saturdays from 8:30am to 4:00pm.

Coming Soon California College Online Virtual Classes for your Convenience!

Do you have an aptitude for working with children? Enroll in the California College of Early Childhood Education and get on track to become a certified preschool instructor or child care director. We offer various classes to help you acquire the skills you need for your career in early childhood education.

Imagine a class that always starts the second you’re ready, right from your home. A career-focused class that moves as fast as you want it to. Think of having an expert instructor to answer your questions and cheer you along, in a virtual online classroom you attend from anywhere you are in the world.


Do you want a new career? A promotion? A raise?  Our program is designed to get you the educational results you’re looking for. Whatever your professional goal, we make sure that every part of your education brings you closer to success.


Classes are taught in a virtual interactive real-time environment

Your Instructor will be in the virtual interactive classroom with you and your classmates.

Virtual interactive study halls are open 24/7 for you and the members of your study group

Course materials are available 24/7 which includes study materials, ebooks, training videos and links to research sites.



Students will need the following to take part in virtual interactive online classes:


1)      Internet access with at least 3 megabytes download speed

2)      Web cam

3)      (recommended) headphone with mic

4)   Payment of Technology Fee ($49.95)


For Questions about technical requirements call 1-800-608-6344 ext #1

Enjoy a career that's fulfilling, fun and really helps families!

Busy, working parents are looking for qualified Child Daycare Specialists who can supervise, educate and nurture their children while they work. Parents want someone they can trust to provide the best care possible in a healthy and happy environment. As a Child Daycare Specialist, you can make a career out of helping these children and their families. And have fun while you do it!

Get the New California College 2013 School Catalog click below to download!

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